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Patti Harrison

Reclaim the Block has received a ton of donations already and has released a huge list of other pro-black organizat…

1 month ago

Abolish Police!

On Monday, I talked with Brontez Purnell, Ocean Vuong, and Emerson Whitney for @them and in the middle of it the Na…

2 months ago


I support our friends @PlayStation for this 100% right call. There's also a handy list of people to mute/block in…

2 months ago

Claire Lotriet #ubuntu

@Toriaclaire @tes I need to find my blogging voice again. I feel like I may have built up a bit of a block about it…

1 month ago

Ruth Johnson#FBPE#RejoinEU#BrexshitIsACon

RT @FireyRoxy: Still getting dogpiled. Most of the messages aimed at me in Russian, including the one who DMed the Russian equivalent of c*…

1 month ago

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