Burst Blood Vessel tweets

Julia Anstey

Been throwing up so much i have burst a blood vessel in my eye


6 years ago

Alas, Dair!

@_CharlotteJ Calm yerself, before you burst a blood vessel!


6 years ago

Elise Harper

@rickygervais You're going to burst a blood vessel in your head if you keep that up!


6 years ago

Mia Di Girolamo

@rosiemegemery Hahaahaha OMG I think I just burst a blood vessel thinking 'dumb and dumber' hahahaa


6 years ago

Alex Zmejkoski

“@AnaSerafimo: Alex's tweets mannnnn> make u think.” Don't strain yourself too hard. We don't want you to burst a blood vessel. ****


6 years ago

AJ Christian

@FayebellineW Sigh. I don't know if I'm ready to burst a blood vessel for #Misfits/e4. Especially re: gender issues, not new for the show!


6 years ago

tony hewitt

Actually think @piersmorgan could burst a blood vessel everytime afc play #purecomedy


6 years ago

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