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David A. Clarke, Jr.

Fake News Network CNN race obsessed anchors asked a question: Why does @realDonaldTrump spar with black athletes?…

8 hours ago

David A. Clarke, Jr.

No sighting or comment from Black LIES Matter, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Huff&Puffington Post as black on bla…

1 day ago

Dan Diamond

It's been 50 days since more than 500 people were killed or wounded by one gunman in Las Vegas. Congress has done nothing in response.

1 day ago

Phil Scott

@Maybin939 Preach! To put it simply this would allow your internet provider to do stuff like charge extra for Watch…

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Scott Dworkin

The head of a government bureau responsible for clearing background checks told Members of Congress he has "never s…

1 day ago

Bill Mitchell

The same polls that told us Trump had a 2% chance to win the WH, now inform us his own base hates him. Nice try losers.

1 day ago

(((Light, Joy, & Thankfulness)))

RT @kylegriffin1: The Trump W.H. tried to block public access to visitor logs of 5 federal offices working directly for the president. Pro…

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