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Stefan Molyneux, MA

Let’s not pretend it’s an easy call knowing when to quell widespread riots. Too soon = you’re a tyrant. Too late…

19 hours ago

Mike Wells

Colts coach Frank Reich opened zoom call with: "Injustice. Few things stir the human soul like injustice ... It's n…

1 day ago

Sam Coates Sky

What’s baffling about Jenny Harries non-answer is that there ARE a series of easy ways to identify genuine contact…

1 day ago

Kids see ghost

RT @justanactor: "It is not the time to disassociate and think that it is different for you, you can’t understand why it’s happening. Do no…

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Debbie 🐝Ahern 🇺🇸 💙🌊✨✌🏽✌🏻

RT @dash_bandy: @selectedwisdom @TammyinMT406 Seems like a pretty easy call for traitors. And russia sure is pleased. Read this👇 If you ar…

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David Hogg

If young people voted in massive numbers consistently, we would become the most powerful voting group in American h…

3 weeks ago

Frederick Joseph

Every Black person on the planet needs to keep this Little Richard energy. Rest In Peace to a pioneer, a legend,…

3 weeks ago


New images reveal the heart of Jupiter's storms and the planet's jack-o-lantern glow

3 weeks ago

Sis. Carrie

RT @ShanteX_VG: You will not find another teacher, another preacher, another Imam, there is no scholar on the planet that lifts the value o…

3 weeks ago