Car Insurance tweets


I love that is cheaper 2 get car fixed for a £500 knock than to claim on insurance..I am sure being 24 and a girl will be even more helpful

7 years ago

Lay-Z 3x™

My car insurance goes dwn bout 40$ on tha 1st of january**

7 years ago


Massive thanks to all the insurance companies that text me, I hadn't realised I own a car, let alone been involved in countless accidents

7 years ago

Roger Shaw

Time to make sure women get the same pay as men if they have to pay the same rate of car insurance!!!!

7 years ago

Daisy ⚓

Buying car insurance #insuredsydney

7 years ago


How Can I Reduce My Car Insurance Costs?

7 years ago

Jan S

RT Thank you, EU :( My pottering-round-town car insurance has just rocketed because of your daft idea of 'discrimination'. BOF x2!!!

7 years ago

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