Car Paint tweets

India Potesta

@VeryBerryo he full on parked the car and everything! I said "ugh I hate wearing face paint" and he said "shall we go and get showered?" D:

11 years ago


Look at the paint on the car rims so raw

11 years ago


Used car How much does it usually cost to paint a car: I need to have a 1973 Dodge Dart painted, and was wonderi...

11 years ago

Warren Racing

@SidneyFaithh Camando? C'mon. If you're gonna car paint me learn how to spell

11 years ago

Zach cranberry

I think I want to paint my car

11 years ago

Erin Lopez

Since @AprilGuerra_ is having a boring night she should help Cristina paint my name all over her car and tell my gf how pretty she is ❤

11 years ago

Ameerah Shakoor

RT @KristenParis: I want paint my car pink.

11 years ago

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