Chocolates tweets


RT @The_MartiniGirl: I bought wine and chocolates tonite to spare you the wrath of my pms.

6 years ago

Max Juniper

@tashac101 she has a special one without chocolates in!

6 years ago

Bettie _Bauermeister

I swear someone came into my apartment while I was sleepin I walk out of my room theres a basket full of chocolates.. Nd my door was lckd

6 years ago

Amy Sharpstone

@GracieFrancesca scarves, socks, fluffy pyjamas, chocolates and earrings :D

6 years ago

Molly Kendrick

#Gourmet Gifts #9: Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates 48 count gift box RT

6 years ago


RT @Funkeee_Tee: When your mum goes to pay for the petrol, hoping your she comes back with chocolates.....

6 years ago

Caris Howes

RT @Pennybristow_x: In love with my cadburys wishes advent calendar cause the chocolates are bigger then the normal cadburys one hahaha

6 years ago

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