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Me: I've been on good recovery for weeks, life is being nice, can't wait to post new Clear art for his bir-- Life:…

11 hours ago

Russian Divider Comrade and Little Troll TB 🌹

I’m saying it loud and clear now: AOC is absolutely going to endorse Bernie, and when she does I’m going to print o…

12 hours ago


Bernie is running for president, my skin is clear, my juul pods came in the mail, must I go on?

13 hours ago

Alexis White

RT @downtownrob88: @globeandmail @GlobeDebate This is clear grounds for cancelling my subscription. Hello, Toronto Star, goodbye Globe and…

15 hours ago

Mobile Vikings BE

@Brusselsdave1 We try to be as clear as possible to our you, sometimes this can go wrong. I see my colleague send y…

19 hours ago

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