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Jose Germain

There’s a ontogeny globose repositioning to bar the interior burning locomotive. Indefinite municipality and power…

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RT @iamriversong: Seattle without Amazon: Who cares? Let’s start planning

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OneWithTheWater 🌹

Seattle without Amazon: Who cares? Let’s start planning

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YWCA Northeastern MA

RT @YWCAUSA: Let's celebrate the Native writers who, "for a long time, have written stories that also can affirm the existence of little br…

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Jaime Young

RT @KCTS9: How SIFF's new artistic director Beth Barrett moved from cake baker to film festival maker: @SIFFnews ht…

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Scott Hechinger

He was 14 when he was falsely arrested & prosecuted. 14. Years. Old. His trial lasted a single day. He spent 17 inn…

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Donald J. Trump

Thank you to the Washington Examiner and @CortesSteve on the great article - on WINNING!

5 days ago

Walter Shaub

Donald Trump abruptly made a bizarre reversal of policy after China committed a half billion dollars to a project t…

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RT @NF04160303: 트위터 계정주 하나 찾는데 미국사법공조가 어떻고 트위터 본사에 협조공문이 어떻고 하는 생쑈를 한 경찰놈들 반드시 특검해서 조져야한다 검,경,법원이 정치하는 순간 대한민국 망가진다 경찰, SNS서 음란물 유포 집중단속 4…

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Narendra Solanki

RT @5Forty3: Entire local and national media will begin their campaign to hound @BSYBJP from today onwards, every minute detail would be se…

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