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Challenge your family and friends to a game of Clever Clogs. @TheShellies

20 minutes ago

Sir Simon of Spelman.💙

@johnredwood Why is my pension fund 12.5k down then clever clogs? You haven’t got a clue what your talking about you nob

1 hour ago

Hector Heath 🌸🏞️🪐🎣🎮🔫

@NixJPayne @MariaEvaJP Clever clogs 😊

2 hours ago

Peter Smith

The Wednesday teaser, a bit of fun. Where is this, no prizes other than being officially a clever clogs #glasgow…

3 hours ago

Mike Hirst

It was a speech for the tory rank and file not the wider electorate who are abandoning your Party by the droves. '…

3 hours ago

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