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Lenzie Academy Community Engagement

Good planning session @_Billingtons with Liz Ibbotson discussing @lenzieacad fairtrade fortnight events #cocoa…

11 hours ago


RT @watspn1013: Demonrats still say walls are IMMORAL & RACIST Check out photo collage of walls that DO WORK! Hungary, Israel,Vatican Cit…

15 hours ago

Liz McCann

@Discworld101 @Cocoa_In_Soho @larapthinks @RomaMillsCllr @UKLabour Bit of both going on here for sure.

20 hours ago

Liz McCann

RT @Discworld101: @larapthinks @mccann_liz @Cocoa_In_Soho @RomaMillsCllr @UKLabour Yeah. St Albans PV should not be free of criticism in ca…

20 hours ago

Liz Needham #FBPE #PeoplesVote 🔶🇪🇺🌍🇮🇪

@Cocoa_In_Soho @mccann_liz @Discworld101 @larapthinks @RomaMillsCllr I will, fear not! It's just odd that she did i…

20 hours ago

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