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Héctor #GreenNewDeal 🍞🦑🍞

Si queréis verlo en detalle, la página del Museo de Indianapolis:

5 minutes ago

小林 達仁

今日の絵と配色パターン。明日はもうちょいごつい色づかいを調- べよう。 #26 Georges Seurat, 1890, The Channel of Gravelines, Petit Fort Philippe…

2 days ago

Daniel Altman

Attention important museums, @Haley_Altman and I are now taking bids on our 7-year-old’s masterpiece. Better step u…

4 days ago

Caitlin Downey

View the completed quilt here:

4 days ago

Therion Major

After the gig, scarlittfire and I took to @imamuseum for a relaxing walk through Indianapolis' premiere art collec…

1 week ago

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Donald J. Trump

It is becoming more and more obvious that the Radical Democrats are a Party of open borders and crime. They want no…

1 month ago

Walter Shaub

The normalizing of the Barr hearing is a shameful failure of the media. POTUS fired the AG for refusing to end an i…

1 month ago


@DaviJns A demain mon pote a la compote

1 month ago

Felipe Santos

@todonoticias Que pasaría si las ratas de buenos aires se infectan de hantavirus? Con los miles de basurales a ciel…

1 month ago