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Jamil Smith

Stacey Abrams has more experience in elected office—more than 17 years—than does Brian Kemp (nearly 13). She is vas…

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Newt Gingrich

If the new reports are correct the “attack caravan” from Central America is up to 4,000 people. If Laura Ingraham’s…

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Sebastian Gorka DrG

CORRECT. They are designed to scare away ILLEGAL ALIENS who are stealing votes from Americans. To help the @dnc.

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@FoxNews @TulsiGabbard Notice EVERY Dem and all the NeoCon’s are suggesting this......tells you it’s NOT the correct thing for the Us to do.

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MAGA 🗽 KAG Lisa 🇺🇸

RT @RealEyeTheSpy: Assange WILL be making headline news soon. <--this statement is still correct. - *Please disassociate it from the badly…

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