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Julio M Oliveira

O fato de grande parte das mulheres, não todas, trabalharem em casa quando chegam do trabalho é uma questão de cost…

1 day ago

PC Gamer

This Resident Evil 2 mod adds Dino Crisis costumes but tragically no dinosaurs

1 day ago

tracy the emotional support penguin

everyday i get closer to thinking pandas don't actually exist and have been toddlers in big fluffy costumes this wh…

5 hours ago

General Agrippa

@Rancorr @shannonrwatts That militia they always talk about is nothing but lies and fantasy. It is like children pl…

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Karen Eifert jones

@OfficiallyAlly I’m sewing costumes and I can say the same. If what’s in my brain could just get cranked out we’d be set.

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