Cream Of Wheat tweets

Lola 2 Necklace

That's like having salty Cream of Wheat… yuck!!!

7 years ago

Keyshia Cole

@go_tink ONLY cream of wheat and that dnt count soooooo yeah

7 years ago

★ Caution ★ Wen Wet★

Cream of wheat on point

7 years ago

L a u r e n.

Ima ask my big momma to make me some cream of wheat fr, this is a serious craving I'm having right now.

7 years ago

Molly Gresh 

"@IEatInTheShower: Cream of Wheat" I admire you

7 years ago

James Dyett

@PurestInNoSense lmaoooo grits and cream of wheat are massah's table scraps tho

7 years ago

Dee Dee

Hot bowl of cream of wheat!! Yeeees!! ********

7 years ago

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