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Their nonnie ⭐️⭐️⭐️

@Cynical_turd @JonGotGame @C_Sommerfeldt @NYDailyNews Its a US meatpacking plant with 4k US workers. but sure narrative

4 days ago


Reading this over, it appears nowadays I am just that cynical, grumpy, middle-aged c%&$ I was warned about in 90s C…

4 days ago


@WSJecon Real questions/not being cynical: - don’t “farmers” already get billions in tax relief/incentives per ye…

4 days ago

R.T Blair

RT @JaneSeyd: Call me cynical but in the past, studies have been certainly used to show the public that 'something is being done' when it's…

4 days ago

Rocket Raccoon

RT @KingKoopaDad: “C’mere...why don’t you have a seat on Daddy Bowser’s lap..~?” -New pinned, not new to RP -Bi with a strong male lean -R…

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