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Rick Lecoat

@davidallengreen May will continue to mindlessly push her deal, b/c she can’t think beyond that concept for even a…

5 days ago

Colleen Vanderlinden

RT @SketchesbyBoze: you can spend your life being cynical and “cool” and uncaring, or you can embrace the joy of staying passionate and lov…

5 days ago

Heather #FundOurNHS

RT @MatesJacob: PLEASE RETWEET! In this thread, I'm going to prove unequivocally that @BrandonLewis lied to us all on Nov 7th 2018. It wasn…

5 days ago


@cynical_prince5 またなんかあった……?話して楽になるならなんでも言ってね、- 聞くから(´・c_・`)

5 days ago

Christian Beelaerts

@Maarten_DeMeyer @cyborg_cynical @sporza @kvmechelen @beerschot_wlrk Als supporter is men afhankelijk van wat bestu…

5 days ago

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