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Katie GO生⁰¹⁰⁸ ♡’s minho/ DM LIMIT

tw bugs ?? - - im literally just trying to clean but theres a house centipede on the loose in my house and im so sc…

2 hours ago


RT @chigbarg: Metamorphosis is such a wondrous thing! It's so easy to forget that the humble House Centipede goes on to become a House Spar…

3 hours ago

G Foxx

@makingitpay Was it the elusive house centipede?

4 hours ago

Fern Fiend🌿🌱

Three days ago I saw and killed a house centipede in my apartment and since then not a moment has passed where I’m…

5 hours ago

London Gas 🇬🇧

@Bearded_Toaster House Centipede

5 hours ago

A. Whitney

@MRoeckl “Scutigera coleoptrata is a small, typically yellowish-grey centipede with up to 15 pairs of long legs. Or…

6 hours ago

Adventurous Wife 🌻

@PUCKERS 🤮 I knocked it into a bowl using a fly swatter and threw everything outside. The house centipede can have the bowl 🙈

8 hours ago

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