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Jalil Farid (Parody of Parody)

I implore all of you to please stop making new Javascript dialects. Why did someone create coffeescript for typesc…

1 day ago


@greedygurage I cant wait to get my hands on it. I want to create a digital dictionary of all the dialects so peopl…

2 days ago

Shlama Foundation

Rinyo works with educators and linguistic experts to provide digital resources for the Syriac language in its vario…

5 days ago


@Jodie_Boisvert I recently learned that different age groups have different dialects of internet language so some t…

6 days ago

Steven Gonzalez Monserrate | E.G. Condé

RT @StelliformPress: Usually we do digital proofs but SORDIDEZ has unique elements I needed to see in print. Previously I said 4 languages,…

1 week ago

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