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Vandyk 🎃

@generic_brian @apiary Haha I never liked node as for 2.7 and 3 upgrading older app may have been an issue in the p…

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Kartikay Bhutani

@sendmochi @RiaCorpeno If you are into Web dev, try: 1. Making REST API's using flask or Django (Flask is more begi…

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Python for the Web is an intermediate course aimed at people who want to take static sites and give them an admin p…

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Danilo Cabello

Webfaction sold to GoDaddy which resold that part to tsoHost. After using Webfaction for 10+ years, I decided to tr…

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Strongest Zanpakutō 🇺🇲

@Django_Bandero Man, why are you acting like you're unaware how search algorithms work? Of course you're going to g…

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Christina Pascucci

Spoke to restaurant owners in LA on this latest lockdown. They had spent thousands making outdoor dining feasible.…

3 days ago


Watch the latest trailer for The World Ends With You, the animated adaptation of the cult classic action-RPG for th…

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Sean Hannity

LATEST POLL: Majority of Americans Want Republican Party to Control the Senate

2 days ago

4 Free eBooks | Find the Best Books & Authors!

RT @4FreeEBooks: Visit the #Website: The Scribblings of M.T. Bass #Author of #TechnoThrillers #Crime #Satire #Ficti…

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RT @ms4125618496: If it’s impossible to change the latest surprising decisions! We will accept the decision under our terms! Rather than th…

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