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John Leguizamo Lazy white people don't even wanna work them jobs they fought so hard to get back!

11 hours ago

Food Tank

Labor shortage leaves $13 Million in crops to rot in fields as more Mexican farm workers are leaving the states:…

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Missed out at #VidCon? Don't worry! You can still get the 5 free motion graphics templates

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₹ ナょ ⊇ Ⱡ ㄘ

@HANAKOTO_naho 桜井できる子過ぎてニートのぼくには眩しくて直視できない(今- 度顔は他の子の方を向いて目線だけ飛ばすやつする

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Prezo Training

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Complete Trainer Bundle - 4020 PowerPoint Templates

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