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Salvador Canto Juani

@gata_traviesa @Anherher @AngelaKeka1974 @CROcultura1 @maggiemarge1 @kepapere @RosaMpl1 @mary_gonmo @RepublicaToni…

3 hours ago

🕸️ arlan 🦇

@unlagartoalsol pot ser pero tú tienes una voz aguda y molt dolceta... yo te pienso más como Zahara maybe ♥️

11 hours ago

La meva ànima

@DesigSecret Bona nit dolceta! 😘

14 hours ago

Nria Or.

@lluistarragona És una cuqui... Tan dolceta dormint...😍😘💫

2 days ago


@Marietta170772 I mite-la que dolceta! 😊

3 days ago

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Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa ✶

As Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel's big transportation idea was to give Elon Musk public resources to put a car in…

2 weeks ago

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email

As you slept, outsourced your lives to politicians, stopped learning math & engineering, THEY created software voti…

2 weeks ago


RT @Hyken: The company that listens to, and acts upon customer feedback – or, better yet, anticipates it – is the company that will positio…

1 week ago

Anukul Bansal

RT @i_me_vinaya: Will you be my wife if I say, I'm not of royal blood, I'm the son of an old widow, I'm the son of an archer, Who fills my…

1 week ago