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Dad E

Does anyone remember the Black Forest cake which had a thick crust in the bottom from monginis ?

4 hours ago

Deepak Prabhu

@maskedvigilant8 Monginis, Cipla, Akbarally's...

15 hours ago


#Monginis #MonginisCelebrations #MonginisCakes #NewLaunches #NewProducts #Cakes #DarkSpongeCake #Frosting #SpaceshipCake #ChocolateBalls

17 hours ago

S Ϧ i Ь ⲅ ⲁ ⲗⲗ🇮🇳

@TheAngryLord Stop purchasing from monginis too.

1 day ago

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Badminton Talk

Jonatan Christie: “This is my biggest achievement (so far). Bigger than the Asian Games.” #ThomasCup2020

1 day ago

B/R Football

One week until the biggest rivalries resume 🍿

1 day ago

Anshul Saxena

Radical mob in Bangladesh attacked Durga Puja pandals, Hindu temples, ISKCON temple & now doing anti-India protest…

1 day ago


RT @babyfacebriana: It’s so crazy to me how SO MANY grown people lack BASIC manners like a simple “hello” or “please” or “thank you” that’…

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🐹 blu O.🐰

RT @ULTRABELL: 25 ตุลาคมนี้อย่าลืมไปช้อปกันนะคะ แบรนด์แอมบาสเดอร์หล่อมากค่ะ สินค้าจาก @SimplusTh ราคาน่ารักมาก ว่าแต่วันที่ 25 นี้จะมีการไ…

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