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Franak Viačorka

Belarus protesters blocked major roads in Minsk. Cars are honking in support. Police can't do much. Meanwhile, doze…

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RT @vvanwilgenburg: Turkey orders dozens of arrests, including Kurdish opposition, over Kobani protests (Reuters)

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😷 Chris 😷

Surely wearing a medal makes it higher risk when walking near land mines? (Don’t get me started on a rat being awar…

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Paul Henderson 28% #RecallMPsNow

RT @seanmdav: If this is what we’ve found on the FBI system 4 years after they did the dirty, can you imagine what was on the dozens of pho…

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Roger Rios Matias

📷 Better to have a few real friends, than dozens of acquaintances… #inspiringall #letsdoit #betruetoyourself…

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