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『マイク・トラウトマスク・レプリカ』やってる人いるだろーな- ーと思って調べたらやっぱりいた。 https://t.c- o/8STO6lhGbn

3 weeks ago

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Jeff Merkley

Worried about a constitutional crisis? We have a way to fix it. Step 1: VOTE in November. Step 2: Flip the House…

2 weeks ago

Tony Schwartz

Just so I’m on record: I think the Senate may actually flip to Democrats, against all odds. All about turnout. Thi…

2 weeks ago

Bleacher Report NFL

You get the bag and fumble it I get the bag and flip it and tumble it

2 weeks ago

Hillsong Happyclapper Remover

@Eigencat @no2wind @chrispydog @ABE_TASMAN1642 @Greens Falsehoods? Haha. Flippity flop, flippity flop. "I'm not aga…

2 weeks ago


Sometimes you just want to flip the table over and start fresh... More for Sagittarius

2 weeks ago