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Duke Basketball

REPORTER to G: Were you worried you led Marvin too far? G: No, I have a ton of trust in him. That's why I've been…

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Kendall Schmidt

"Marvin" Had so much fun making this! What do ya think? Comment below! #SpaceClones #LooneyTu- nes…

1 day ago

ESPN Stats & Info

Marvin Bagley III is the 6th freshman to score at least 20 points in each of his first 3 NCAA Tournament games. T…

1 day ago

Marvin A.

RT @3D_webspace: Airdrop still on. ICO starts on Monday. Total supply : 90,000,000 Symbol: ELI 1. Follow 2. Like…

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@JadeNovah @Mr_DEVINaire I'm in awe 😍😍😍

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Bill Kristol

Lincoln, speaking in Cincinnati, Feb. 12, 1861: "I esteem foreigners no better than other people, nor any worse. Th…

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr.

A special thanks today to the great men & women of the @NYPDnews @FDNY @SecretService @NewYorkFBI and the Joint Ter…

1 month ago

Ana Navarro

6 US citizen children -including one who is fighting leukemia- are going to be without their father and provider. T…

1 month ago

Susan Gaherty

RT @woman215: @pghpatrick1 @DFM2099 @valeriemerie2 @Irishtarte42 @Mrswaddlesworth @BuzzFeedNews @BuzzFeed Thanks Molly. Once again who’s go…

1 month ago

Marvin Themba

RT @Fandango: The first clip from Wes Anderson's #IsleOfDogs gives a lil taste of why this stop-motion animation flick got a PG-13 rating.…

1 month ago