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Omar Navarro

Since when do we start caring about what Hollywood says. Robert De Niro is a low class communist. I’m not surprised…

1 month ago

Nigel Farage

The only way to stop the drownings is to turn back the boats. Australia did this very successfully in 2008.

1 month ago

Shannon Watts

In other nations, that's referred to as a normal school. In America, where there are over 300 million guns and too…

1 month ago

Elexus Bryant

RT @ruckin_: your girl will still ride in your car if she’s mad at u but she’s just going to turn her knees towards her door and look out h…

1 month ago

Hikari Bakemono

RT @dearillegirl: "Born Singer bts used to start as 7 alone facing each other & turned out to look at the army who were supporting them but…

1 month ago