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@LipServX Idk why but recently i had been hearing about alot of animal neglect/abuse on the news ect... reading thi…

6 days ago

zienab alkandery

modi wali have yr back or maybe modi ect modi open yr eye push amitab photo hes fan yr backing fans bjp news tv jou…

6 days ago

Nathan Sidwell

@RitchieKnox @Outkick @ClayTravis @KingJames Well yeah that would make u the fool, FOOL lol because u didn't look a…

6 days ago

dawny haswell

well never including the royals MP's ect ect we know we know now some real truthful news please!!!

6 days ago


RT @EmmerichBret: when you import Pandas, Numpy, CVS? ect... do you have to "INSTALL" all of those into Jupiter? or do you use "import" fro…

6 days ago

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