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CBS Los Angeles

#BREAKING Federal investigators looking into whether massive Bobcat Fire in the Angeles National Forest was sparked…

4 hours ago

Bill Curry

I was a “difficult” kid, carrying a lot of anger. A wise teacher saw how I loved to read, and sat me next to a shel…

9 hours ago

Tim Fargo 😷

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. - Thomas Edison #quote

1 day ago


@edison_goff @AlmondTripod @Rip_N_Tear_ @56blackcat They wouldn't need to break into my house if they owned a gun,…

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Kevin McCarthy

Dear Democrat Party leaders: This is an international health crisis—not a political opportunity to restructure American life.

1 month ago

Greg Guillotin

Les ami(e)s, ce qu’il se passe depuis plusieurs jours est incroyable ! JNR devient maintenant un mème international…

1 month ago

Andy Ngô

After #antifa were dispersed by police following the attack on the East Precinct, they tried to blind a woman at he…

1 month ago


@Trevornoah Trevor wtf happened to you? Boss Biden and those Democrats have captured you! You no longer have your o…

1 month ago


RT @Kebabciii: This is how the funny friend goes home after a motive btw

1 month ago