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Daniel Dale

Donald Trump made FORTY-FOUR false claims last week. 20 in his CPAC speech 12 on Twitter 6 to Jeanine on Fox 5 at…

1 month ago

Ben Shapiro

You don't seem to understand how free speech works. I'm fine with people protesting me. I say this in every single…

1 month ago


Congress can overrule the Federal Communication Commission's reckless decision to end #NetNeutrality — they just ne…

1 month ago


RT @DavidLammy: Update on British politics in 2018: Brexiteers talk loudly in House of Commons about Brexit 'taking back control' and retur…

1 month ago


RT @TomFitton: Enough with special prosecutors, we need prosecutions -- more than enough to lawfully arrest Hillary Clinton. So no wonder…

1 month ago