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Daniel Baer

I am so heartbroken at news of the death of a brave American medic for @OSCE_SMM. My heart goes out to his family and colleagues.

2 days ago

Neus Munté

Celebrem 30 anys Centre Mèdic @FCSDown ,espai de referència i excel.lent col.laboració amb @SJDbarcelona_es i…

4 days ago

Priscilla Bell

I got a reward: Pro Medic in BigBusiness Deluxe for Android #Androidgames #Gameinsight #Android

58 seconds ago

Medic!! 💉

ve deserve to lose. zhe wrong profession. i healed zuh man who stopped pushing zhe money! free money! ooh, money! ooh, money!

4 minutes ago


Me: Sniper got me Medic: I'll revive you while the sniper is still out there. Me: #battlefield1 #gamerproblems

7 minutes ago

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