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Optimizing scan: you havent used these programs in a while, would you like to delete them? 🙃 Me: this is just a lis… https://t.co/MuHQEqksrm


1 day ago

Sang Michael Xie

(5/n) Our bodies are always optimizing for the common case (for computer people, it's sitting). Without knowing it… https://t.co/vqt2DfKYHG


1 day ago


Free license for the WinUtilities Pro program, which provides a set of tools for optimizing and speeding up a compu… https://t.co/eG9w4Rcs0l


1 day ago

Adobe Care

@shamrahahahaa Hi, we're sorry about the trouble with Photoshop. Would you mind sharing the version of Photoshop yo… https://t.co/LjaiUPFOKy


2 days ago

Lara Kent

RT @HumanBrainProj: Optimizing #neural networks on a #brain-inspired computer Great joint work by HBP Neuromorphics team @UniHeidelberg an…


2 days ago

Deborah Wastell

In 1920 the #19thAmendment was ratified, protecting American women’s right to vote. Your brilliant woman today is:… https://t.co/TlgicqVx0z


3 days ago


@Trunks_NJ I use to but once I refreshed my computer it stopped , but you have a new PC so 🤔, have you tried Optimi… https://t.co/p1LF1epdGO


3 days ago

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