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Looking for a Data Scientist / Data Analyst for clients based in London - Salary is above market rate - email

11 years ago

Lindsey Ann Welsandt

@shaynafrederick woman! learn to write back to an email :) can you work jan market for us? lemme know

11 years ago

Stuart Reeves

This is a good move for #Yahoo, but it is probably to little too late to catch up in the email market that #Google dom…

11 years ago

Nila Patel

@padraigmoran I got an email about that. Guess they're targeting the stupid market.

11 years ago


New Clearing Broker for WoodhouseDrake with global reach! New daily market reports available. Get a copy. Email:

11 years ago


This email contains: "above board", "cost projections", "market dynamics" and the promise the sender will "revert" later today. WHHYYYYY??

11 years ago

Chris Fleetwood

Did not see Cheval going out of the market. Proven platform and no new funders willing? Interesting.

11 years ago

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