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Swimming courses (women's sport complex): Body:   Swimming courses cours DAYS DATE B- EGINNER COURSE S... http://t.co/4jx9hRHP #UOS


9 years ago

Nata kwan

@allkpop93 3 years?? ,, so long,,hhahha,,,Did you attend English language courses??


9 years ago

Cat Wrangler Babs

@drummergirl_90 I seriously have looked at "study" material for five minutes, if that. For three courses. And it was for English.


9 years ago

Lacey Langland

@kunit04 @surrz54 @Poot_Lindseth I would if they had the education and english courses I need :/


9 years ago

Samwise Gamgee

tomorrow is math French English and bio. the four courses I need to work hardest at.


9 years ago


@AnonymousHandle English courses at the British Council


9 years ago

Evan Lavelle

@m_linehan @stewy0022 goo thing we took all those honors English courses. #not


9 years ago

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