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There’s no rewind there’s no fast forward pause or reset in life so we need to create a life of no regrets

1 month ago

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Disney movies are better than literally every other kind of movie

1 month ago


life is more exciting than the movies

1 month ago


Earth is special. It's the only place in the universe that we know contains life. Celebrate its beauty with these a…

1 month ago

Maximum Exposure

How gorgeous are these tiles? House of Fire is the incredibly colourful home of the annual @mtnbushfire festival in…

1 month ago

пиздецсукаблятьидинахуй в шоке✨

RT @iammxrgo: ❗️пожалуйста помогите❗️ ретвитните этот твит если не сложно я просто очень хочу увидеть эту группу а концерт уже 15 июля пожа…

1 month ago