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Gov. Mike Huckabee

No one-not a Dem or GOP nor ANY talking head on TV makes more sense these days than...wait for it...@billmaher He i…

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Dave Hyde

Am I watching Boston Celtics TV or a national TV production on ABC?

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Weaponizing a George Floyd killing or a Buffalo racist shooting for political purposes is egregious "selective outr…

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Sav4ge [TeEm]

RT @Graggry22: More Zangief SFV ranked on Twitch and Youtube! or #twi- tch #twitchstreamers…

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Kyle Zaepfel

@GribbleBugs If Ronda is on my TV I turn it off. Besides being unlikable, consistently smiling as a heel, or frown…

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Fabrizio Romano

Robert Lewandowski has not changed his mind, as of today. He wants Barcelona and he's not even in talks with any ot…

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/  TVアニメ『#呪術廻戦』第1期 「幼魚と逆罰編」新ビジュアル公開! \ 毎週日曜17時からMBS/TBS系全国28局ネットにて放送中のTVアニメ第1期より、来週5/29(日)から始まる「幼魚と逆罰編」の新ビジュアルを解禁!…

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RT @SAIDOU224K: Y'a des gens qui peuvent passer toute une journée seul dans la chambre avec leur téléphone

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