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Judicial Watch 🔎

JW hand-delivered its letter to the chair & co-chair of the House Office of Congressional Ethics calling for an inv…

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Judicial Watch 🔎

Given her record as well as her documented history of poor ethical + moral fitness, it’s outrageous Maxine Waters i…

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Catherine Bearder

Yes you can control your fish. But if you actually want to sell any of it to the EU without a massive tariff, you w…

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Donald Aper

@KatTheHammer1 @stacy_redvirgo @Ocasio2018 @DanCovfefe1 @carrieksada @Daisy49103 @RealMAGASteve @RealMattCouch…

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issy boi

RT @jaboukie: weather channel: this hurricane could potentially bring high waters– yall: how high weather channel: over 6ft yall: https:/…

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