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@xenogynephilia @peabianjay @adfk18 @Ptjones1968 @ianmac228 @BBCWorld Hahah until 2600 the world is heating up by m…

3 days ago

Bob G

@CBSNews Instead of sailing around the world on a yacht, maybe she should read a few books...planetary science, cos…

4 days ago

Liviu Giosan

@holy_kau @valiergaly @climatedynamics Both. Could add legitimate expansion of science community across world, ille…

6 days ago

Liviu Giosan

Can we substitute "science" for "philosophy" in this text? I have a divided mind and heart about that. So many angl…

6 days ago

Ioannis Iliopoulos

RT @iaeaorg: By 2050 oceans will have more plastic than fish, unless we take action. Let's #SaveOurOceans. #Nuclear science can help: https…

1 week ago

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