Glass Of Milk tweets

Jennifer Rosenow

just woke up and drink a glass of milk :)

10 months ago

Bruce Waltuck

#foodiechats enjoying lemon cream pie ice cream, in a short glass of skim milk. Mmm..

10 months ago


Alway drink a glass of Chocolate milk before I go to bed

10 months ago

Lauren Francesca

Gammon & rice & a glass of milk n strawberry straw ****

10 months ago

Little Bird Love

When mahrya give me a cookie.. I ask for a glass of milk. ******

10 months ago

Kirk McBurke

I had swirly chocolate spread on bread and a glass of milk to combat hunger and heartburn. It was medicinal.

10 months ago


Nothing like welcoming myself back with a glass of milk & slice of leftover pizza #homesweethome

10 months ago

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