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2 months ago

Latest tweets that mention “Party Hamburg - Freikarten - Events - Konzerte - Hamburg Party”

Randy Bryce

BREAKING: Paul Ryan just fired House Chaplain Patrick Conroy after Conroy reminded Congress to think of the poor du…

1 month ago

Niall Horan

Delighted to stream my #FlickerWorldTour show from Amsterdam on 28/4 ! Watch at 9pm CET/3pm ET at…

1 month ago

Candace Owens

The worst thing that could ever happen to the Democratic Party, would be the the accidental red-pilling of the Kard…

1 month ago

Mature patriot

RT @GrahamTonks1: Twitter storm as Diane Abbott calls Jewish clothing 'costumes' on Question Time Diane you get d…

1 month ago