Handicap tweets

Hunter G.

RT @Itsramos_baby: Haha another reason why I chose the military. Got pulled over 6 times and not ONE ticket ;)


6 years ago

Ted Mclean

@g_mitchell46 I think your games coming together quite well #golf #handicap #46


6 years ago

Herman SiloƩ

Handicap child wins wrestling match. A esto le llamo tener humildad http://t.co/R2MUwiFd


6 years ago

Michael Hart MP

@Peterdowling_MP you must have a good handicap!


6 years ago

Paper Chaser Ty

Old ppl really b milking there advantages **...now every body wanna b handicap FO


6 years ago

Laurey Buck

You know you're ratchet when you steal firewood from a handicap cabin @landryhorner


6 years ago

Ed Burgart

@natebalser My handicap is on Los Al website. I Iike #6 in race 3, #6 in race 7 and #4 in race 9.


6 years ago

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