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black Wolf

RT @Kim24555457: Roses of the most beautiful feelings of love How much I love you

6 minutes ago


#ALDUBHanggangSaDulo Love is not what you expect. It is not a bed of roses, its not a cup of tea, it’s a path fu…

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RT @Red_Lionheart: The Fact that Raphael’s Decal Motif Backdrop of his @soulcalibur VI Art consists of Lions (Coat of Arms, Nobility) & Ros…

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[fav no fix📌] lô ♥︎‘ˢ hᥱr pᥱtit tᥱtᥱ’᥉

. .📮__ os álbuns da minha vida são: 📻. . V do Maroon 5 Thriller do MJ Of the wall do MJ Love Yourself, Tear do Ban…

15 minutes ago

Lena Bussman

This was my boy friend David he was a southern man who was in the army. He was very romantic & sent me roses every…

20 minutes ago

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