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Matt Bellassai

today a hot guy basically denied my love but also called me “babe” and guess which one of those things I’ll be fixa…

1 month ago

Frederick Joseph

A few years ago I decided to spend my summers doing solo travel to different countries to center myself and see new…

1 month ago

Pete Blackburn

Stranger Things S3 was outstanding and (hot take incoming) I wouldn't be upset if that was the final season

1 month ago


the best stranger things team ups, ranked: 1. the 2 ice cream parlour nerds (one hot, one so-so) and dustin 2. th…

1 month ago

Ennex! ⏭ AC, AqF(?), MFF

When I was a kid and it got hot out, my teachers would shut off the *flourescent* classroom lights because "It made…

1 month ago

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