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BasiC eSports

@juliengeem7000 email : emericdizzixpro@hotmail.fr

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BasiC eSports

@FragmentJumpei @MatthiasGFX email : nous regarderons après l'ESWC.

20 minutes ago

BasiC eSports

@xZAKO_ emericdizzixpro@hotmail.fr

28 minutes ago

paradise ☼

- "" mais je l'avais trouvé au hasard cette adresse, la meuf elle a du se faire harceler de message à cause de moi

29 minutes ago

BasiC eSports

@Speedy6th email : emericdizzixpro@hotmail.fr

33 minutes ago

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P3/4 The name which u give to ur account e.g microsoft_trixs Thn u will get an @unique_trixs sms of "Congrats you on a twitt.......etc"

9 minutes ago

@aillexx Check out the video here for clarification. This will also help.

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Sign Into Your Microsoft Account, 2014

21 minutes ago

@EoinMcGee Hello! If you're using the app, let's try adding the account in settings. Review this link for steps.

32 minutes ago