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Marisha Ray

AHHH! My husband was animated by the @GameGrumps and I am fan-girling SOO hard right now! Love these cats so much! 😍

21 hours ago

gabriella lindley

can’t get over how much i love cats like i would literally choose to spend time with my cats over any human ever. s…

6 days ago

Literary Hub

"I can say without any doubt that bookstore cats represent the apex of domesticated pets."

1 week ago

Kimber Walshe

@McMeerkat 😁 ur welcome I love animals DOGS, cats all cute and fluffy.. They all deserve love and kindness... I'm s…

just now


Well, cats out of the bag. KT and Caroline have a little. This most perfect...tall little. So happy that I get to c…

just now

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Donald J. Trump

I am pleased to report that the U.S. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with China on important struc…

1 month ago

James Williams

@shawnsmucker I do, if that helps

1 month ago

Colin Oltman

@i_Sydneyy Is it time to go on a crusade?

1 month ago