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Miguel Ferrer

@tomwarren And yet microsoft teams for ubuntu is the worst experience I ever had. They should focus on their linux…

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Alex Hall

@JamesHare_BFX @IanColdwater I know...but on projects where Windows Servers are the primary focus....Linux boxes/instances get neglected...

4 hours ago

Jan Kaiser 🛡️

@DrewMedina20 @LKGGlass If you are on Windows 10, you can download Ubuntu for WSL from the Store. PyTorch and ffmpe…

5 hours ago


@lzsthw As a Linux user, I'm ok with this. But like most things, linux use follows a pareto distribution. Just focu…

6 hours ago


@GonerDoug @Foone I used this many moon ago with a Mac, a Windows, and a Linux laptop. Then for a giggle I added an…

6 hours ago

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