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Got tired of re-installing ZFS on linux kmods, then realised btrfs is also gone from CentOS, then also realised tha…

1 hour ago

Alex Sharp

@watilo They’ve clearly shifted their focus to iPad. They’re a down market consumer company now and are largely lea…

4 hours ago

Disabled White Cis Alpha Male of Love

@TWTHEREDDRAGON Ok Phil support Linux. I think he got the memo that execs up stairs want to focus on software. MS LINUX and MS BSD when ms?

9 hours ago

Andrew Willmott

@FlohOfWoe Yeah, it's a bit depressing. There's a reason I'm still on 10.1. And the next step will be switching to…

13 hours ago

Computer freak ᱬ ⍟

At the moment I'm thinking about what I can write about. If I should focus on writing for people already experience…

14 hours ago

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