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【🎁プレゼント企画🎁】 #TWICE JAPAN 2nd ALBUM『&TWICE』リリース記念🎉✨ フォ- ロー&RTで『&TWICEオリジナル ACケーブルホルダーセット』を5名様にプレゼント😆…

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Anshul Saxena

Original manuscript of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, one of the oldest books on governance, military strategy, politics,…

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🚨 Kelly Macdonald will star as guest lead in the next series of #LineOfDuty. 🚨 She's playing Detective Chief Inspec…

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Toni Hitchcock

RT @KanielaIng: 283 daily heat records were broken in Hawaii this year. 🥵 Many rental buildings don’t have AC because they rely on our fam…

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