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Umaid Amir

RT @AffanChaudhary4: Just make sure government is going to take responsibility of students lives......Ecat can be taken after a better situ…

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Rachel 🌟 Local Lychnobite 🌟 ἀστράρχη

RT @Patch_Games: Our Life: Beginnings & Always (Steps 1-3 + DLCs) will release on November 2nd, 2020 🌅 Itch: Stea…

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Brayan Alvarado 🦊

RT @hallotwttt: @taewheein This is why i hate beauty standard. I hate it so bad. We are forgetting how to love ourself. Comparing ourlife w…

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RT @totheMewandGulf: I will be donating for MewGulf to vote on their couple award for MAYA Awards. Total amount of donation will be calcula…

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RT @yeolhyunsworld: IT’S HIM. IT’S PARK CHANYEOL.

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