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Heavy metal (or simply metal) is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in…

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@dynastic PS2 faves in no order, incl. series: Katamari Damacy Parappa the Rapper UmJammer Lammy Gitaroo Man Devil…

2 hours ago

クラウド・ストライフ 🎃

@Finaland_ Je propose que pour le prochain Kingdom Hearts qu'on met le monde de Full Metal Alchemist dans le jeu ... WHAT !?

2 hours ago

Nolan Dean 🌈 (he/him and they/them)

I hate how unforgiving the bosses are in Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid. I hate the cheap reveal of Arkham K…

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RT @MatWBT: @Drexl_Raz The opening to Metal Gear Solid 2 and Kingdom Hearts made me cry because finally games on TV looked like how imagine…

4 hours ago

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