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RT @DMK_Blog: 🧁🍴 Today, #Cookie joined hands with 160 parents and kids from local charity Benji’s Centre to join the “Cooking with Cookie S…

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Chris 🇵🇷 | @ Atelier Sophie.

Game I hate: Zelda: Snooze of the Wild. Game I think is overrated: Kingdom Hearts 3 Game I think is underrated:…

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@jmetaenow Gto Yu yu hakusho Haikyuu Slam dunk Hunter x hunter DRAGON BALL Bleach GINTAMA Full metal alchemist Dr…

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Yu Narukami best Chad Protag

@ChronoKatie 1. Kingdom Hearts 2 2. Metroid Prime 2 3. Garry's Mod 4. Rise of the Tomb Raider 5. Wind Waker 6. Fina…

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