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Michael Lairmore

My privilege to meet the latest members of our veterinary emergency response team - these two were rescued from the…

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Dan Bongino

Liberal idiocy in 1 tweet: Libs are losing their minds over a discredited liar’s claims that payments were made to…

1 month ago

Alex Hirsch

Spider-Gran, Spider-Gran, Always calls you a sweet young man Knits a web! Takes a nap! Her couch is covered in plas…

1 month ago


WATCH: #GOT7's #JB Releases MV For Animated Web Drama OST "Be With You"

1 month ago


・ワクワクメール Web版ではアダルト掲示板が使えるので、業者ではないエッチなひともいるので、やはりweb版です!笑 全部の機能を使えるようにするには、年齢認証! 面倒かもしれませんが、これで他人と差をつけれます!…

1 month ago