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Felipe B

Agrado do Twitter para quem usa #iPhone e #iPad: agora é possível postar conteúdo #LivePhoto, aqueles 1,5 segundos…

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@Raniellynoli Kkkkkkkkkkkkk ícone

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@ana_viveiros11 > clica pra digitar >Ícone de Gif do lado daquele q coloca imagem >em buscar por Gifs vc escreve friends

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RT @Scheilaslv: @LMJaureguiHelp #5HWins10s ícone de Gif

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@LMJaureguiHelp #5HWins10s ícone de Gif

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Bill Pulte

I’m going give another $10,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet AND follows

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Stephen Miller must resign. Now. Each day we allow a white nationalist to be in charge of US immigration policy is…

1 month ago

Niall Horan

Mexico, thank you so much for having me. Playing my music to 65,000 people was an amazing feeling . Can’t wait to c…

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Bryan Finlay BEM 

RT @JustinScarr: Great day celebrating 125 years of @RoyalLifeSaving. One constant - talented committed purpose driven people . From Willia…

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jjam นิวอามสตูม!!

RT @kalaland1984: ภาพบ้านของสุวลี โพธิ์งาม ศาลชั้นต้นตัดสินจำคุก 5 เดือน 10 วัน ต้องจ่ายชดใช้ค่าเสียหาย 160,000 บาท ในข้อหาบุกรุกพื้นที่ อช…

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